Beautiful Asian doll

Looking at a few of Miyo’s nude webcam screen grab pics is one thing but having her live and all to yourself is a completely different and better experience. It’s fantasy versus reality…which do you prefer? She can be your personal sexy 18 year-old dress-up doll. If you’ve been following this blog you may be wondering whether or not these nude Japanese girls on cam only speak or respond to Japanese. I’ve had a few people ask me that and the answer is that most of these girls speak or understand English as well as Japanese. Some even can speak and understand German, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and others. Every hot cam girl lists their languages in their profile. One great thing though is that if a sexy girl doesn’t speak your language, you’re not out of luck. There is a very unique translate feature on this site that allows you and her to cross language barriers and enjoy playing together live. For example there are basic things like “how are you?” “you’re beautiful” and of course more erotic phrases and words such as “show me your panties” or “may I activate your remote control sex toys?” Awesome, right? That being said, the vast majority of these ladies do speak and understand English. 😉