Japanese cam girls and their sex toys

I’ve had a few e-mails asking me if I ever give negative reviews for any of these Japanese cam girls. Different people have different tastes in what sort of girls they enjoy to spend time with on cam. I have my personal taste and a friends list built up with girls that I really enjoy playing with and there’s certainly some that don’t appeal to me as much. That doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t find that type of girl appealing. The only reason I could think of to give a negative review would be if I somehow felt ripped off or cheated which has never happened. One of the cool things about membership is unlimited free previews of the girls nude so you pretty much know what type of lady she is before you initiate a cam session with her. You’re not going to expect a hot, aggressive girl that demands you play with her pussy and get a quiet, shy girl. The previews don’t cost anything so I’ve never felt ripped off, therefore it’s hard to give a negative reviews because I’m not you and I don’t know what you like.
As for Sayaka here, she is newer so I have not had a chance to get with her on her webcam for a session but she is obviously gorgeous with a very nice little body and nicely shaped Japanese tits. I have a weakness for nude Japanese chicks in school uniforms with knee-high socks so I’m probably going to check out her schedule and catch her online as soon as possible. LOL, I probably shouldn’t have posted her profile before I got a chance to play with her because one of you guys are probably going to get to her first now.